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Manage ALL Of Your Safelist Emails From One Location WITHOUT Blowing Up Your Gmail Account

PLUS - Automatic Safelist Login Feature

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Master Safelist Mails  has just solved most of the issues with Safelist Mails with one FREE Tool everyone can use as a centralized Email Inbox from OVER 200 Safelists! It's just like logging into your gmail account, but for OVER 200+ Safelists!

NOW you can join 200+ Safelists WITHOUT blowing up your Gmail Inbox! You can manage ALL of your email right HERE with this FREE Tool, MasterSafelistMails!

Problem: My gmail account is getting too many mails, it's out of control!

SOLVED: By using MasterSafelistMails, all Credit Mails, Solos, and Super Solos go directly into your MSM Inbox. No more BLOWING UP your gmail accounts!

Problem: I've got thousands of emails in my gmail account, and it take me FOREVER to delete them to clean things out.

SOLVED: Your MSM Inbox will display the 50 most recent emails, just like your gmail account. Emails OVER 7 Days Old are automatically purged (but you can still access emails from individual sites up to 30 days in case you run out of mails to click.

Problem: While our Safelists use Double-Opt-In or Confirmed Opt-In, organizations such as SORBS, Spamhaus, and many others still like to flag domains and IP's as spam, and lower an IP's sending reputation, resulting on a temporary "black-listing," until the Server Admin can submit a "De-List" Request. When Black Listed, mail can come to a screeching halt until the Server Admin can get it "De-Listed."

SOLVED: All you your Credit Mails, Solo Ads, and Super Solos go directly to your MSM Inbox. Your gmail account will only receive Admin Emails, Verification Emails, and Password Reset Emails. This also insures almost 100% deliverability!

Problem: Sometimes when I go to log into a Safelist, the site says, "Site is in Maintenance Mode!"

SOLVED: Mail is the one thing that will use up a server's resources the most, putting heavy loads on a server, which can cause a site to time-out. When all of our members are using their FREE MSM Inbox, server loads will be drastically reduced, and high server loads will become a thing of the past.

Problem: Because of gmail limits, I have to have multiple gmail accounts to receive mail from all of the sites I belong to. That means I have to log into each gmail account multiple times to manage things.

SOLVED: We have added OVER 200 Safelists to MSM. All you have to do is set your username/password to connect to each site, and from then on, you can log into MSM once to access all emails from these 200+ Safelists. Just click on View Mail, and from the Drop-Down Box, select the Safelist where you would like to manage your mails, and voila, the 50 most recent emails will display just like in your gmail inbox.